Beyond the sum of his fears.
An ageing soldier crying softly, beside a body on the ground
Sheds a tear for his young slain friend
He never thought this would come down.
He'd thrown away all his bush gear, camo paint and forage cap
Spent his life forgetting firefights
Without a thought that he'd go back.
Life has dreams from hard foundations, memories with no shed tears
The heart ache of our new creations
Invulnerable are our young years
The vat of our maturation brews a spirit of adventure
That spills towards new generations
Whom we protect beyond our fears.
The young soldier survived the bush war, threw his life into his dreams
Played a part in the creation
Of an Eden - so it seemed.
Raised a calf from its lost mum, fed it every day by hand
Grew to love his lost young orphan
A sanctuary for all became the plan.
It is such a sweet temptation for us to simply turn away
Ignore the wildlife decimation
That supplies the Asian trade.
The ineptitude of our nations, the impotence of governments
Sends a message to all caring people
To care a damn is simply , not worth it.
Aching heart beside his slain friend, a new resolve and pledge is made
To seek the killers of his brother
The one raised in his sanctuary
But old soldiers know the danger, the blood , adreneline and fears
Never rush to don the camo
Never want to wear the gear.
Now there's a deeper call of duty, calling way beyond his fears.
He heads along the faint new pathway
Made by human predators
Seeks his quarry in long shadows, where deadly ambushes are laid
The flashing memories of old firefights
A last patrol for his young compadre.
Life has dreams from hard foundations, memories of old despairs
Struck with heart ache of our creations
Amidst the anger and the tears
A deadly shot strikes its target: he never wished to kill again
But he'll protect new generations
Beyond the sum of all his fears.
"Slaap sag, rustig ou grote. Slaap sag."
"Rest in peace, old great friend. Rest in peace