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  1. I don't know

From the album "Scapekids " Musical



1. I don’t know who my father is , perhaps I never will

I still recall my sweet Mama till sickness her did kill

My sisters and my brothers , who knows where they could be

Perhaps roaming around the towns and cities same as me?


And I wish I had a life like all the other kids

To go to school to learn and to play football with my friends

2. And I don’t know where I’ll get my next bit of food to eat

To find some chicken in a bin , now that is such a treat!

I see the people eating in the fancy food houses

Which such a massive appetite in me arouses


And I need some education if I want to get a job

To get money to buy food to eat and who knows

Maybe even one day buy a car?!

3. And I don’t know what tomorrow holds and all the days ahead

But I shut my mind to that as it fills me with great dread

Now the high walls of this city are closing in on me

I wish I could grow wings and fly out of here so free


So as I lay my head to sleep here on the hard concrete

What fate awaits for me tomorrow – when the sun rises from the East?