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  1. Baobab Tree

From the album "Scapekids " Musical



1. The winds that have battered , the storms that have lashed

Have not harmed or hurt it though tethered and gashed

And birds in their plenty it’s shelter have shared

And planted their nests there for many a year


For Your word stands firm like a Baobab tree

Prevailing for you , prevailing for me

With roots reaching out as far as the eye can see

Your word stands firm like a Baobab tree

2. Though stark is the landscape and dry is the land

This cannot diminish its predestined plan

Though hard the conditions and hard is the ground

It continues to flourish though no moisture is found


3. Though trees all around it will rise up and fall

They’ve now turned to dust though once standing tall

Though mocked by its subjects , derided and jeered

It remains the ruler , the Lord over all