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  1. Spin the Planet

From the album Equally to blame

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The morning paper splabbing ‘bout on how the world is spinning out

With war & violence & disease , now I cant see how that should affect me

The crumpled heap on the cement – the sign held closely to his chest

The end of world is coming soon, now I cant see how that should affect me


So spin the planet , spin away

The sun is shining for today

People are heading off to work

The wind is blowing up the surf today

1. Or life’s like the prosaic verse although not good it could be worse

But then just how much better can it get?

Although the universe expands the scientists have that well in hand

Saying: “ The warm rays of the sun will still reach you”


2. We live the never , never dream the world will go on endlessly

Nature will rectify itself - there’s no problem we cannot figure out

But then there is the unexplained how people live to die one day

Can we predict the next earthquake , which continent that it will shake

Come on now – just who are we trying to fool?


3. Or will Gods time still come at last – His voice as like the trumpet blast

“The promise that I made to you – today that very promise has come true

So wipe the sweat from off your brow and prepare for the judgement now

Unless the blood of Jesus covers u”