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  1. Equally to Blame

From the album Equally to blame

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1. The warden guarding prisoners , the prisoners in the cell

The chaste untarnished handmaid , the woman at the well

The villain and the victor , the sinner and the saint

We like to think we’re innocent , but that’s just what we aint

We’re all equally to blame (2x)

2. Rich man , poor man , beggar man , thief

Dressed in sloppy tea – shirt or smooth tuxedo neat

If you eat pork or chicken or pink salmon or beef

It’s like a dirty body lying between white sheets

We’re all equally to blame (2x)

3. As proverbially we pass the hot potato round

Someone has to pay the price , a culprit must be found

We can deceive our consciences or the lie – detectors sound

But the guilty party will be found when it hits the ground

We’re all equally to blame (2x)

4. The guard to kill the enemy has to desert his post

The judge who issues divorces has been divorced the most

And like the grave digger who digs his own grave

His life spent burying others now his own he cannot save

We’re all equally to blame (2x)

5. Well I know you will be saying you’re either guilty or not

Is this reverse psychology or some gross paradox

The ones parting His garments and the others casting lots

The ones who claimed to be His friends but when trouble came were not

Were all equally to blame (2x)

6. The stark pervading picture the three men on the cross

And what I’de like to put to you – agree with me or not?

For the thief on the left , murderer on the right

But the one in the middle was the most guilty of the lot

He was totally to blame (2x)

7. And one day when we’re lining up at them pearly gates

The Lord says queue up in your lines as sinners or saints

For your earthly transgressions or failures – no ways!

The only ones who’re innocent are those who saved by grace

Cause I’ve taken all the blame (4x)