From the album The Grace of the Son

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Thank you for You , Lord

1. Thank You for You , Lord ,for the times I'm feeling low

With sorrow in my soul , that you comfort me

Thank you for You , Lord , and the times I'm feeling good

For then I know I should give glory to You


So thank you for You , Lord , thank You for you and who you are

The Bright and Morning Star , the Fairest of the Fair

Thank you for you Lord , and the times you've helped me see

That things don't come down to me , but rather to You

So thank You for You

2. Thank you for You Lord , when all my strength is gone

Then in You I'm really strong and can carry on

Thank You for You Lord , You bring light into the night

And give blinded eyes their sight , to see the way


And this world will feud and fail me and friends I have betray me

But You remain there like a solid Rock

And the earth may fall beneath me and death one day come to greet me

But I'm always upheld by your loving arms