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  1. The Age of Grace

From the album The Grace of the Son

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The Age of Grace


This is the age of grace , while living on this earths face

Where there still is hope for you , whatever you may say and do

There is a beam of light , shining on the horizon bright

And a star beckoning you on , to save you from the wrath to come

This is the age of grace

1.Where‘s still not cast the die , where hope’s not been denied

Not a foreboding fear when death is drawing near

Where fate’s not cast in stone , the choice it is your own

To choose the path of life and not the pit of strife


2. Though dark may be the night and seems no hope in sight

There still is hope around , the light can still be found

Let his light shine on you , draw His truth into you

His life to you he gave , His death your life will save