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  1. The Smile

From the album Dangling Halo

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The Smile

1.They allayed your fears when you first came to this place

With their sweet open smile and their sweet open face

And you sincerely thought they were being sincere

And they allayed all your worries and they allayed all your fears


But every now and again , every once and awhile

Be aware of he forked tongue behind the smile (2x)

2.The smile a reflection of what is inside

And why should the flower it's inner beauty hide

Tho the scent and the pollen appear to be sweet

But the harsh poison ivy it's innocence cheats


3.It's the smile that holds you in the palm of it's hands

Your fortune , your fate , your hopes and your plans

And that easily accepts you with warm open arms

And so equally deftly you quickly discards