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  1. Pressing Buttons

From the album The Walk of Life

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Seems like I just spend my life pressing buttons

Typing on keys , looking at screens

And the normal and natural I do in between

Like eating and sleeping and simple living

1. Living in this 21st century

With the mod-cons and gadgets and technology

Don’t know if it makes me feel bad or happy

Robot or human , sane or crazy


2. If we move a muscle it’s to lift a finger

To flick on a switch or tap a keyboard

Get a message to someone or talk on a phone

This crazy technology sits on the throne


3. Or I’m playing tennis with the great Pete Sampras

On a LCD screen with Nintendo Wii

Or I’m lost in a world of surreal fantasy

While sitting and watching my favourite soapie


And I sometimes think back on my childhood

When I did those natural things

When I rode a bicycle , played on the street

When I climbed up a tree , when I got dirty