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  1. Mere Mortals

From the album The Walk of Life

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We are just mere mortals – living upon planet earth

We’re just here for a time , when we’re old then we die

When we’re happy we laugh , when we hurt then we cry

If you think hard enough then you have to ask why it is so

1. If you pinch me I yelp , if you cut me I bleed

If you praise me I’m proud , If I’m tired then I sleep

I wake up in the morning and drag myself out of my bed


2. When we’re cold we stay warm , if we’re warm we need cool

To get an education we must go to school

We take medicines and pills if we’re sick or if we have pain



We are just flesh and blood , we’re made out of this stuff

When we pass from this life then we turn into dust

And our spirit and soul , will they fall down below

Or rise to the heavens above