From the album The Walk of Life

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1. The delicate statuette , fine and serene

Placed in a box –protected by bubble-wrap

And shouldered and moulded with polystyrene


As it can smash and can break and can crack and can tear

And so needs the sign “ Fragile – Handle with Care”

2. The newly-born baby drawn straight from the womb

Breaks into a shiny –bright people filled room

And needs to be comforted , nurtured and soothed


3. The 1st Graders fearful first day at school

Their mothers so tearful that it’s come so soon

As they face all lifes pressures that before them loom

Chorus: As they can…..

4. The coming of agers 21st party

Has relished so long for the chance to be free

And yet still so sweet , innocent and naïve

Chorus: As she can….


And flowers and plants and all lifes species

Delicately crafted their fragile beauty

And insects and animals , bird-life and trees

As they can crush and can wither and hurt and can bleed

And travail and suffer like you and like me
5. And walking through life with it’s traps and it’s snares

Traversing it’s hurdles and oft’ challenges

And then we get older and frailer and then when we die

No need to put there

The sign on our casket:

“Fragile – Handle with Care”