From the album Time like the Old River

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Fortune , Fame and Rock & Roll


As fortune , fame and rock & roll

It just can’t satisfy your soul

Like balloons a’movin’ high disappear into the sky

And the joys we have down here so quickly

Can fizzle out and fade

1. And a lot can never be enough

You have to keep filling the cup

With foam and froth fermented smell

Movin’ from the rotten well

And smooth and cool the sparkling pool

And glittering the diamond jewels

You’re seeing sparkling stars all the time


2. And fierce and fast the stratocast

Blustering boom the bank vault blast

And shopping carts and credit cards

And green and sheen the mansion yards

And big and mean limo- machines

And sharp and fast the ocean yaghts

You’re riding on the high crest of the wave